Curbside Menu Activity Guide

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*Crazy Cameron’s    chili, big band, sitting under the night sky

Northfield Red     rib eye, baked potato, patio

Hunter’s Moon    pot roast, warm sweaters and soft socks

Olive’s   stemless glass, scrabble

Bernardston Red   any pasta, cooking with your favorite person, artie shaw radio

Oscar’s Wild Red   SWEET..sip whilst watching the Robins..serve chilled


*Paul’s Snow Angel our driest ..Gruyere Fondue and Crust Sour Dough Bread 

Gowies Beach     tuna or turkey salad sandwich, chips, looking at photo albums, george harrison

Winter    any poultry, hanging with your pet

The Family   any fish , chit chatting, at the kitchen table about nothing important

*Regatta       apples, cheese, bread, cold chicken, chilled glass, picnic dinner, tony bennet

Light Fruits

*Apple      sour, dry, mac and cheese miles davis radio, levis

Pear       cold glass, lawn chair, cloud gazing

Ginger Pear      salad, after a walk on the front steps

Lorraine’s Apricot       Chit Chatting

Peach        So sweet,,Frozen fruit in the blender !

Lorraine’s Apricot  grilled pork chops, baked beans , baking powder biscuits    

Tropical (juicy, semi sweet)

Pineapple Coconut   cold glass back yard, sun glasses, flip flops, kenny chesney

Pineapple Orange      breakfast for suppah in jammies

Grandmothers Water        in a glass of frozen fruit, soaking tub, mud mask spencer lewis

Passion Fruit       frozen strawberry slushie, chips and dip, jenga

Seven     day dreaming, kicking back ,van morrison

Passionfruit-Black Currant     fritos throwing darts in the barn, BB King

Dark Fruits soft, semi sweet, juicy

*Love 2 glasses and your favorite person

October Beach     hotdogs, campfire, corn hole and buddy guy , stevie ray

Ginger Pear salad, after a walk on the fr ont stepsmix, a good book, 

Marion’s Black Currant  bbq and bb king

*Blueberry   peanut butter sandwich no jelly, back porch, at home picnic , john Coltrane 

*Paul’s Black Plum       late night snack with leftovers

* are our top picks


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We opened November of 2012.  Our winery is all about small unique batches of wine.. We embrace that nature grows its fruit differently across seasons, across the farmlands. Our wine making decisions about yeasts and processes are as individual as the personality of each fruit.  We make 9 families of wine Dark Fruit, Light Fruit, Citrus, Maple, Cider, Tropical, Honey, Chocolate and Hard Fruits.  

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Paul and Leslie Cameron

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